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What Exactly is Coaching? Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

Proactive business owners seek to understand why reaching business growth goals is important to them personally, and the impact it will have on their life. After all, the business owner ultimately determines the speed and passion in which the goal is met (if ever). If it is not linked to the business owner’s personal dreams, goals and plans for themselves, there is no burning reason why getting to that business goal is critical.
After clarifying where a business owner would like to take their business, business coaching will help plan and prioritize what goals and strategies are needed to help progress the business closer to its goal.

As a coach I have years of experience that I bring to the table. I help owners and individuals figure out what their goals are and create a road map to reach them. My perspective on the company can help owners see which items are just tasks and which are long term objectives.

A critical component of business coaching is accountability. You will never see a football coach run laps off the field for their team. The very same fact is true of a business coach. A business coach is not a consultant. They will not do the work for you in your business. They are there to keep you focused on the end result and remind you why it is important. They will motivate you to keep your commitments. They will act as a sounding board and when needed hold a mirror in front of you, highlighting your business and personal blind spots.

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